Project criteria

Vezuthando e.V. is open minded to new project ideas and will be happy to enlarge its circle of partner organisations. In order to discuss the potential cooperation, your project suggestion has to meet some criteria to match Vezuthando e.V. and become a partner:

- the project scope has to be in a developing country
- the impulse to realize the project should come from the local population
- goal of the project should include combating extreme poverty
- project participants should demonstrate some degree of personal responsibility
- the project should be able to gain official registration in foreseeable time or already hold one
- a detailed financial plan for the budget needed exists
- personal contact to people responsible for the project is desired
- the people in charge of the project approve the cooperation with Vezuthando e.V. and are willing to engage in further communication and discussion

These criteria are guidelines that are aimed to assist Vezuthando e.V. in identifying potential partners. Eventually, the board will carry the final decision about acceptance of a project. Before supporting a project other processes will have to be completed to guarantee a safe and transparent utilisation of donations.

This includes an on-site visit to the future project and regular contact with the people in charge of the project. In the later run we closely monitor the project and its development. Reports prepared by the respective organisation are required. By the end of a year after spending the received financial aid the partner organisation will account for the usage of donations.